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Recently, the Cherokee Phoenix Editorial Board and members of the Tribal Council have engaged in discussions about the best ways to move the Cherokee Phoenix toward financial independence. At the urging of tribal councilors and after considerable deliberation, the Editorial Board has adopted a plan that includes a change to our policy of mailing a newspaper free of charge to any Cherokee citizen who requests it. Our new policy, to begin in November, will be to mail newspapers to paid subscribers only.

We need your support to continue our proud tradition of Cherokee storytelling. 

To subscribe, contact us at the phone number or address listed on the subscription form. Subscription payments will be accepted in person, by mail or over the phone, and payment can be made by check or credit card. The subscription fee will be $10 a year to cover the cost of printing and mailing the newspaper.

Please join with us on our continued journey to independence. Your subscription not only ensures timely delivery of the monthly newspaper to your door, but also symbolizes the value that we Cherokees place in maintaining an independent and ethical voice that serves the Cherokee people.


Bryan Pollard
Executive Editor